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On The D Word, artist - choreographer
Renata Pereira Lima dives deep into Dance
through dirty dialogue with guests
from all across the art world.

D as in Dance? Dance.

The capital D is nonetheless still so misunderstood in terms of its form, function, and value within the arts. If Dance is to be considered with a gravitas equivalent to other practices (such as video, painting, sculpture, etc.), then hierarchical divisions within the culture of  Dance and the expanded fields of performance/choreography  must be retired. On The D Word, artist-choreographer, Renata Pereira-Lima, strips the boundaries around Dance’s position in the arts by discussing personal takes with guests from across the artworld. As these artists discuss their own experiences, Dance complexifies into a D word that encompasses candid, de-stigmatized perspectives. Honest conversation brings Ren and her guest to new considerations of Dance that go beyond the schoolhouse academia, or fine arts lens reconsidering the personal, social, and cultural resonances of the D word today.

Topics around childhood training, body-security, ‘dancing for the eye of the white person’, choreographing in the music industry, punishment of the dancing body, pre-conceived institutionalised ideas of the dance world / training, “the capital D” and “the lower case D”, performance art versus performing (etc.), come to the fore– all intermingling to create a platform for Dance in dialogue. This podcast is recorded, therefore, as a living archive, tracking new directions within the expanding canon of D.